11DB/Postgres TM

We have 11DB/Postgres™ as a commercial Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is the most compliant with ANSI-SQL and derived directly from Open Source PostgreSQL and well-tuned for High-Performance enterprise grade features.

11DB/Postgres™ is able to cater your Enterprise issue

Reliability refers to the Stability and Security of the operations of the system
While Availability is a measurement on how the system is able to guarantee services availability: Whether Is it HA, Hot Standby, Warm Standby or else
Scalability is a method on how the system is able to scale up or out in order to cater to the growing loads in the future.
Why does it fit your needs?
Easy Deployment and Management

Provide binary to deploy, image for container. Operation tools, scripting, alert and monitoring is a part of standard delivery.

Support Multimaster with Logical Replication

Increase more availability by replicating into another instance and load balancing geographically by enabling bidirectional replication.

Has the ability to store data in the form of JSON that can be indexed.

Not only support SQL-level data storage, but 11DB/Postgres™ also able to store and query JSON data type, to ease application processing, especially for APIs

Has good data security and log/audit management features

11DB/Postgres™ has also native audit and security management capability.

Seamless Encryption

User role based encryption, enabled more data security, complying with GDPR and UU-PDP. Support HSM (Hardware Security Modules) to enhance security and supporting best practice in key management.

High Performance Transaction Ready

It is proven processing more than 220 thousands transaction query per second.

Automatic Snapshot and Incremental Backup

Backup is made in real time. Every second the transaction log is produced and backed up incrementally. Snapshot synchronization also done every week.

Integrated replication and HA (High Availability)

High Availability is provided natively, no other software required to install. When the Master is out of services, Standby will take over automatically.

Has the ability to store data in the form of JSON that can be indexed

The indexable JSON format expands the usability of Postgres, allowing it to handle more dynamic, varied data while maintaining fast processing speeds.

Support view and materialism feature

This feature can ease data visualization, reduce resource usage for computation, therefore can improve efficiency and achieve better performance.

User defined functions, triggers, and stored procedure

Storage Procedure, Trigger, Function, Binary Plugin, and many more flexibility are offered to improve data manipulation further and extensively, answering almost all of the needs related to highly dynamic data management.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Metrics Analysis for Capacity Planning

11DB/Postgres™ includes all essential, yet comprehensive monitoring tools to give information of the running system. Vital metrics are stored historically every time, in real-time, therefore it can be analyzed to measure usage and calculate for sizing.

Has a native database replication feature

Replication in RDBMS is a mandatory requirement therefore it can be used in the business world. 11DB/Postgres has 2 (two) types of replication: Binary Streaming and Logical Streaming. Both are needed for the Availability context (HA, DR and Backup).


11DB/Postgres™ Proof of Concept session


11DB/Postgres™ Binary and operational supporting tools installation


Alerting tools


Monitoring agent and dashboard binaries


Replication and HA configuration


Multi-tier Backup Tools


Assessment, Provisioning, and Implementation documentation

11DB™ Monitoring System

Monitoring - TPS

Monitoring - Dashboard

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